Included is a unit of eight lessons about San Ildefonso potter Maria Martinez.

Each lesson includes Common Core Standards for middle school students in English Language Arts. Additional components of each lesson are the following as well as the questions to which each component responds:

Learning Target(s)
What will students know and be able to do as a result of this lesson?

Why are the outcomes of this lesson important in the real world? Why are these outcomes essential for future learning?

Formative Assessment
What is the criteria for success? How will you and your students know if they have successfully met the outcomes? What specific criteria will be met in a successful product/process? What does success on this lesson’s outcomes look like?

What are the learning experiences students will engage in and how might these learning experiences or their student products serve as formative assessment opportunities?

What texts, digital resources, and materials can be used in this lesson?

The teacher should take the MRM video tour of Maria Martinez to establish some basic knowledge of this cultural icon of northern New Mexico.